Hip, Hip, Hooray!

January 1, 2023

The NMI is always changing and evolving, but our motto stays the same: make something work, then make it work better! We’re beyond proud of the Emerging Media Masters and New Media Certificate Capstone projects that have done just that.

We wish we could show you all the technowledgeable projects students have debuted over the years, but ChatGPT was just too busy to write about all of them (iykyk). Plus, that would be the world’s longest newsletter.

Instead, we want to spotlight Capstone projects that started out as simple ideas but have since evolved beyond the classroom. Check them out!

Blitz Flashcards

Nicolas Tschirhart, Raika Kachwalla, Gabriella Austin, Owen Reynolds, Viktoria Kangas

Blitz makes studying a breeze. This flashcard study app, which debuted at the Fall 2022 NMIXpo, allows for simple and efficient digital flashcard creation. With the Photo-to-Text feature, users can automatically translate images on their Mac into editable text on digital flashcards.

Download today for less typing and more studying!

Freddy the Thingbug 

Lindsay Robinson

Go on an adventure with Freddy the Thingbug! Authored, illustrated, recorded, and published by a Spring 2022 EM Grad, this interactive children’s story explores what makes Freddy special. Readers can swipe to turn the page, tap on characters to bring them to life, and seek out hidden objects that wiggle and make funny sounds.

Download today and join Freddy on this heart-warming adventure!

Georgia Seafood on My Mind 

Cierra Cordak, Hunter Lanius, Tallie Pietragallo, Sam Perez, Carson Reynolds

Looking for a place to eat? Georgia Seafood on My Mind is a partnership with UGA Marine Extension and Sea Grant that showcases the best local seafood restaurants along the Georgia coast!

If you are hitting the road soon, be sure to follow along on their website and social media accounts so you can taste, travel, and experience the best of the Georgia coast.

Historic Athens 

Olivia Sprott, Meghan Telling, Dakota Werner

Historic Athens is an educational app that explores the history of Athens—produced for the nonprofit of the same name. Featuring a calendar of upcoming Historic Athens events, a map of nearby historic locations, and a directory of interactive community resources, this app is a one-stop shop for all your needs!

Be ready for your next visit to the Classic City by downloading Historic Athens today.

Tallassee Forest

Kriti Lodh, Chris Martinez, Hollie Mitchell, Jack Towery, Lucia Vereen

The Tallassee Forest app is a fun way to discover the natural wonders of this Athens’ hidden gem. Featuring activities, learning experiences, and layered maps to guide users through the forest, this app is the perfect way to explore the land and all it has to offer.

Download now so you can play, navigate, learn, and earn next time you visit Tallassee Forest.

UGA Stickers 

Emily Greenwood, Reilly Megee, Sam Moran, Ian Webb

Recently celebrating its 7th season in the App Store, UGA Stickers continues to be a great way for Georgia fans to show their love for the Dawgs! With over 40+ UGA football-inspired stickers for users to choose from, UGA Stickers incorporates team spirit into your messages.

While the original student creators have long since walked under the Arch, we’re proud to say UGA Stickers is still going strong thanks to the NMI’s John Weatherford. If you haven’t whipped out those National Champion stickers, what are you waiting for?! Go Dawgs, stick ’em!