The New Media Institute houses the University of Georgia’s largest certificate program. The New Media Certificate supplements any undergraduate or graduate degree and is a credential that demonstrates a student is technowledgeable: the understanding of new media technologies and their application in a chosen field. Certificate students have access to hands-on classroom environments, innovative technologies, and networking opportunities that lead to J-O-B-S. The New Media Certificate provides students with an array of skills and experiences that form a competitive advantage in today’s job market, no matter the career path. And long after graduation, certificate alumni have endless opportunities to stay involved and access to a robust alumni network.

The New Media Certificate focuses heavily on interactive digital media through a project-based curriculum and encompasses the following: 

  • user experience design
  • web development 
  • iOS app development
  • graphic design
  • product ideation 
  • project management 
  • user research
  • emerging technologies
  • art of presentation 
  • digital storytelling
  • brand identity 
  • professional development

The New Media Certificate features three tracks: Traditional Track, Dev Track, Graduate Track. Each track varies in course requirements. Full details about the certificate, tracks, and more can be found in the New Media Certificate Fact Packet.