Safe Drivers Make Successful Designers

A foundational value of the NMI is the power of connecting students to industry and real-world learning opportunities. We’re embedding more opportunities to expand knowledge and skills beyond the classroom by encouraging students to submit their work in a series of industry and academic competitions. These competitions allow students to receive external feedback, build portfolio pieces, amp up their resumes, and hopefully, win some cool awards along the way.

NMC students Nick Milavec and Elisa Fontanillas photographed and designed the billboard above. It’s one of many student designs submitted to Project Yellow Light, an annual $2,000 scholarship contest—and a new project in Leah Moss’ NMIX 4111/6111: New Media Design course.

In total, NMI students submitted more than 20 billboards encouraging young adults to be attentive drivers. Instead of using preachy, scary messages, these up-and-coming designers were tasked with turning the call to action into something upbeat, positive, and relatable, all while taking everything they’ve learned about photography, typography, and copywriting into account. Keep your fingers crossed for an NMI win, and remember: eyes on the road!