New Class is a Hole-in-One

You may recall a collaboration between the NMI and the UGA Athletic Association was in the works to bring an exciting new elective to our students, NMIX 4200/6200: Creative Content for Collegiate Athletics.

Under the leadership of faculty consultant Jen Galas, the course has hit the ground running and is providing students with a real-time glimpse into working in sports digital media. Additionally, as Director of Social Media Strategy and Digital Identity for UGA Athletics, Jen intends for the course to expand the pipeline of NMI students who find career opportunities within UGA Athletics.

“As we begin to add more and more student assistant positions within the social/creative department at Georgia, we can already have an idea of who might be able to fill these roles,” Jen said. “We can then continue to develop the talent and send the students out with a wide skill set and real-world experience that could turn into jobs for them. It’s truly a win-win!”