Launching Soon: 404, Studio Not Found

September 23, 2021

A collaboration between the NMI and the Terry College of Business Entrepreneurship Program brings new sounds and new tech to the NMI’s corner of campus.

Housed in the recently renovated 404 nook, Studio Not Found will feature a permanent broadcast-quality setup and be supplemented by a portable toolkit for on-site recordings. Aimed at supporting the entire podcast process, students will have access to all the gear needed for recording to post-production and everything in between.

The idea for an on-campus studio, available to students and faculty, was forged through a collaboration between the NMI’s John Weatherford and Dr. David Sutherland, a recently-retired Senior Lecturer with the Entrepreneurship Program.

As a Fall 2021 New Media Capstone project, a team of New Media Certificate students are developing a robust training module for all to take advantage of this new space. Dr. Sutherland provided funding while John designed and built the studio in consultation with industry experts.

When Studio Not Found opens in early October, John will work with Dr. Donald Chambers, Associate Director of Entrepreneurship at UGA, to further develop the campus podcasting ecosystem.