Woodwelder.net is a multilingual, multicurrency e-commerce website revolutionizing the wood industry one click at a time. Sold in the North American market by Brookhuis, the Woodwelder is a machine which uses RF frequencies to speed-up the drying time in glue from 24 hours to 15 seconds. This machine is revolutionary to the industry because it quickens the production time of any business who adds it to their production line. So why wouldn’t everyone jump at the chance to own a Woodwelder?

The answer is simple, they just don’t know about it yet. The wood industry has not yet seen the value in traditional marketing, mostly because the majority of companies are small businesses who don’t have the budget. So how do they get the word out about the products? They go to trade shows or have advertisements in wood-centric magazines. So, what happens if they are interested in a product they come across from one of those avenues? They will either send wood samples to the machine dealers for testing or they’ll fly out to the dealers themselves to take a look at the product in action. This practice is costly and time consuming for all parties involved and doesn’t always lead to a sale in the end. If it does lead to a sale, the ordering process is also lengthy and in need of an overhaul. What if there was a way to get all the information a customer would need about a product, readily available and give them the power to make a purchase whenever they wanted to? That’s where Woodwelder.net was born.

Whether a customer is in search of detailed information, wants to see a video of the product in action, is ready to make an order on a new machine or just needs replacement parts, Woodwelder.net has everything they need, without having to call a salesperson for assistance. The added functionality of being mobile-responsive, and having the ability to convert text to a desired language or payment in the desired currency, as well as making an order through a preferred method of payment, Woodwelder.net offers everything a customer needs for a successful transaction. This means less time spent for salespeople on each sale, less time playing phone tag and faster processing for customers. Woodwelder.net solves all the problems for both the company and customer side of the business and ensures accurate information every time.