Wet N’ Wild

May 1, 2013

wetnwild_logoWouldn’t it be cool if there were an interactive book that informed children about healthy drinking habits? We’re talking about a book that changes based on the choices that readers make. We’re talking about Wet N’ Wild. This is not just any book; this is a book that the readers write.

The Dilemma

We’ve heard it time and time again – you need to drink six to eight glasses of water a day. We’ve heard it time and time again – your body needs water. We’ve heard it all, yet the majority of Americans still do not consume enough water. Sodas and sugary juices are saturating the drink market. Drinking sufficient water is a lifestyle habit, and we want to change lives. We’re starting with our future – children.

What It Is

The main character in the book travels throughout the jungle encountering a variety of animals that test his drinking habits. For example, the main character is faced with a choice between a sugary soda and a glass of water. If the reader decides to drink the water, he will take a completely different (often undesirable) path than he would if he had drunk the glass of the water. Throughout the book, readers are faced with a variety of scenarios that force them to choose between healthy and unhealthy drinking habits. Subsequently, their choices impact the path they take throughout the book.

Why Wet N’ Wild Is the Answer

For decades, doctors have encouraged healthy drinking habits. We’ve been told that water is healthy. We hope that our users correlate their choices in Wet N’ Wild to their real world choices. Wet N’ Wild incorporates interactivity, punishment and reward, and visualization. Readers are able to correlate their unhealthy drinking habits with the path they take throughout the book, and we’re hoping that this can translate into tangible lifestyle changes.