Imagine you’re trying to train a puppy. They have the attention span of a toddler (and the same rebellious spirit, too). You’d like to track your pup’s progress, but you can’t hold your phone and prevent them from taking off after a squirrel at the same time. Using your Apple Watch seems like a good idea, but how are you supposed to tap those tiny buttons while keeping an eye on your frenzied Fido?

Enter WatchDawg, a revolutionary dog training app designed for the Apple Watch. Anyone who has ever trained a dog knows that it’s not an easy undertaking. That’s why WatchDawg allows you to keep your hands off your watch so that you can be hands on with your dog. Harnessing the power of thee groundbreaking new Assistive Touch technology, this app can be navigated with simple pinches and fist clenches, enabling you to keep a firm grasp on the leash while also starting and stopping timers and walking your pup through training exercises. Any dog trainer can benefit from this, but this is especially useful for guide dog trainers, who adhere to especially rigorous training schedules (and could use all the help they can get).

WatchDawg is man’s new best friend. This app allows you to train your dog in a way that has never been possible before. Because it easily allows you to track how your pup is improving, you’ll know exactly what they need to work on. Download WatchDawg, and watch it change the way you train.