Walking in a Metropolis Wonderland

As an Innovation District client, Metropolis has been working closely with the NMI throughout the year to change the game of healthcare recruiting. From coordinating student-led projects to facilitating job opportunities, NMI Innovation District Faculty Advisor Chris Gerlach has connected Metropolis to the NMI talent pipeline, specifically to two NMI student techsperts: Nicholas Kreitz and Aries Aviles who’s Metropolis journey was recently featured by the Grady College.

Nicholas and Aries were hired to lead Metropolis’ web and app development efforts. In their time with the healthcare tech startup, the two have improved the functionality and algorithms of the program, created an applicant tracking system, and are building an iOS app that will be launched soon. And their work will be enhanced this semester with the addition of yet another Certificate rockstar, Simran Patel.

“[The] NMI has found me the best software engineers I have ever worked with,” Scott Edwards, CEO and co-founder of Metropolis, said. “They have exceeded my expectations in every way. They help me chase that vision and they do it with unbelievable coding, user interface, user experience, and machine learning components.”