Tyler Mazurek

New Media Certificate Faculty Advisor

Tyler was first acquainted with the NMI as an EMST student. In order to explore his growing interest in all things NMI, he became a member of the inaugural Emerging Media Double Dawg class earning his Emerging Media Masters in 2021. Now Tyler can be found roaming the office as an NMI admin and the faculty advisor to incoming and returning undergraduate and graduate students in the New Media Certificate. He’s also teaching New Media Production and helping expand the NMI through the cultivation of industry relations. Outside of Grady, you can find Tyler swimming laps, slinging discs at Sandy Creek, or gaming on his switch.

Tyler has been with the NMI since September 2020.

Bragging Rights:
Designed and developed an Apple Watch application for the official UGA mobile app. Publication pending
5x Bermuda National Record holder – swimming