Welcome to the era of spatial computing. The Apple Vision Pro is Apple’s upcoming addition to their digitally connected and visually stunning ecosystem. It is their first mixed-reality headset and it brings an entirely new experience to the VR/AR space most know already. With the Apple Vision Pro, one can seamlessly transition between their own physical space and a virtual environment of their choosing such as a national park or the moon. This immaculate blending of physical space and virtual experience brings an entirely new set of opportunities to the table with navigation gestures involving the voice, eyes, and hands. With the Apple Vision Pro, Tranquil, an immersive study app, takes the act of studying flashcards to the next level. The user is able to study flashcard decks of their choosing in an environment where they can be distraction-free from the hyper-connected world of today. It’s time to Study Different.

Introducing Tranquil, the distraction-free studying app in visionOS designed to provide users with a personalized and immersive learning experience. Students today struggle to maintain focus due to sources of external stimuli. Target market research reveals that students are frequently distracted by their personal devices and communal spaces at a staggering 91% and 48% respectively. Designed to enhance study habits and routines while maintaining an environment free from distractions, this unique tool caters to students and learners of all demographics, transforming ordinary study sessions into memorable, highly focused experiences.

Tranquil guides users from foundational knowledge to confident expertise, all while ensuring compatibility across all Apple operating systems and syncing seamlessly with various Apple devices. This further promotes a holistic learning experience. Tranquil is a platform equipped with a versatile capability of sorting and viewing flashcards. Users can choose between non-immersive and immersive study environments, accommodating varying attention spans and individual preferences while ensuring a safe and distraction-free setting. It provides users with a clean and productive learning space. Tranquil prioritizes the transition from the user’s typical working environment to an immersive study space, minimizing distractions and encouraging concentrated study sessions.