The Innovation District

May 15, 2020

Established at the University of Georgia, the Innovation District’s goal is to encourage experienced-based learning, business executions, and a variety of programs. President Jere W. Morehead’s initiative is to not only help the Athens economy but to form a network between students and outsourcing clients.

The Innovation District has created an online complimentary service where inspiring business moguls, entrepreneurs, and anyone in the community that is interested can connect with skillful faculty and students. This portal allows potential clients to describe their current dilemma and be selectively paired with a department that can cater to their business needs.

Right now, the departments that are involved with the district are the following, the New Media Institute, College of Agriculture, the Graduate School, College of Engineering, and the Entrepreneurship Program. This portal is presented as a questionnaire where potential clients will answer questions on what services they need. Afterward, this directory will suggest the best-suited department and offer the contact information for someone within. The Innovation District will inspire the dreamers, motivate the doers, and overall change lives for the better.