The EM Masters Goes Online

February 28, 2018

The NMI is always on the lookout for new opportunities to advance our efforts in the classroom and engage with students in new and innovative ways. After all, “New” is in our name. Therefore, we were eager to be part of the Grady College’s application to the Online Course Innovation Grant sponsored by the UGA Office of Online Learning. As one of only two programs to receive grant funding, Grady Graduate Studies will launch the first fully online cohort of the Emerging Media Master’s program in Fall 2019, running parallel to the residential student path.

Ten faculty members were chosen to be part of the cohort dedicated to the development of this online initiative including our very own Emuel, Chris, John, and Megan. Eager to help the college open the doors of this exciting graduate program to the online world, our team is already hard at work redeveloping our residential classes for the online learning experience.

We’re honored to be included in this charge to create more access to education for new students near and far.