Technically Speaking

May 5, 2023

Take a moment to imagine a young woman, let’s call her Jane. Jane is a bright 22-year-old about to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. She can’t bring herself to apply to any jobs; every time she pulls the application up, she is overwhelmed by a sense of wrongness, a voice whispering that this is not what she is meant to do. The whisper only ever ceases when she paints. At her core, Jane is an artist. Despite a lifetime of trying to be traditional and let art just be a hobby, she is realizing that she won’t be satisfied with any life unless her art is at the center point. Jane has thought about trying to make a living selling her art, but has no clue where to even start. Jane needs someone to break down how to establish her business online. Jane needs Technically Speaking.

Technically Speaking, is an open-source, educational resource hosted on TikTok aimed at teaching people like Jane everything they need to know to establish their business’s digital presence. Content will be broken down into mini series that will go progressively more in depth on a topic. Potential series include establishing brand basics, crafting a style guide, social media content creation and strategy, and building a website.

Above all else, Technically Speaking will bring an approachable, fun, and relatable voice to traditionally intimidating digital topics. We believe that young and up-and-coming small business owners deserve a fighting chance at the prosperity a successful digital presence can foster. Technically Speaking’s TikTok page and accompanying website will serve as a lasting resource for anyone trying to launch, expand or even restructure their small business.