Tag: Sex

  • Flutter


    A safe space for women, Flutter was made to discuss sensitive women-related issues, from health and body to sex and dating and anywhere in between. Through our tagging mechanism, a user will be able to get help quicker from those who have experience in that sensitive area. Talking about issues can be hard in a…

  • intiMates


    According to research, in order to change behavior, especially as it relates to health, one must identify that there exists an established reason to change. One way to identify this is through self-awareness. Sexual health is even more difficult to make a behavior change in because of how taboo the subject is. Our app, intiMates,…

  • Sex+


    Whether you want a sexy icebreaker, need an easy way to start an awkward conversation, or are just turned on by tech, Sex+ is your one-stop shop for everything sexy and informative. Sex+ offers a real sexual education in a personal context. The CDC’s recent surveys report an increase in the prevalence of STIs in America and…