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  • GemQuest


    GemQuest VR is a virtual reality game that starts with the player finding themselves on a fantastical island with their fox companion. To destroy the simulation holding the world captive, players will solve puzzles and battle monsters using full motion tracking and a kickass enchanted sword. As players explore the many worlds of GemQuest VR,…

  • SLAM Recap: Cheers to 15 years!

    SLAM Recap: Cheers to 15 years!

    Speaking of our birthday … what better way to celebrate than with Dr. Shamp, graduating seniors, returning alumni, and cake? We enjoyed an AMAZING Spring SLAM celebration at Terrapin Brewery, with 13 capstone groups showing off their hard work from this semester to guests from all over the country. Students made valuable connections at the networking…

  • Oculus Expedition

    Oculus Expedition

    The Oculus Expedition is an educational application that can be used with the Oculus Development Kit 2 to give users an entirely immersive experience in the solar system. Designed by a team of four students from the New Media Institute at the University of Georgia, the Oculus Expedition began as a way to merge the fields of…