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  • NMI Beyond the NMI

    NMI Beyond the NMI

    This spring a few of the NMI team members decided to take team building to the next level. John Weatherford and Lauren Baggett were veterans of the local ultimate frisbee league and convinced Chris Gerlach and Megan Ward to join in for the spring season. Though united at the office, John and Chris competed against Megan…

  • Social Media Chat

    Social Media Chat

    Two of our social media savvy graduate assistants, Nicole Stephens and Kaitlin Kent, participated in a social media safety panel earlier this month, fielding questions from freshman living in the Hill Residential community here on campus. Discussion topics included the importance of having a LinkedIn profile for professional networking and maintaining a safe presence on…

  • Dating in the Digital Age

    Dating in the Digital Age

    Our very own Megan Ward, along with graduate assistant Kaitlin Kent, participated in a panel discussion on dating in the digital age as part of the Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention (RSVP) CeLOVEbration of Healthy Relationships. They had a great time discussing dating apps like Tinder as well as chatting about Facebook stalking and new…