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  • Woodwelder


    Woodwelder.net is a multilingual, multicurrency e-commerce website revolutionizing the wood industry one click at a time. Sold in the North American market by Brookhuis, the Woodwelder is a machine which uses RF frequencies to speed-up the drying time in glue from 24 hours to 15 seconds. This machine is revolutionary to the industry because it…

  • RaceTrac Attract

    RaceTrac Attract

    When people go to RaceTrac to fill up their gas tank, two things usually happen. The customer spends majority of their time staring at their phone. The customer never steps foot in the convenience store. For RaceTrac, this is an issue because the majority of their revenue comes from the products sold inside the convenience…

  • Sherlock Homes

    Sherlock Homes

    When browsing the home market for your dream house it can be easy to get bogged down in the sheer number of houses to choose from. Today’s real estate market is flooded with options. The thought of sift- ing through all the details can be overwhelming with so many factors to consider. So where do…