1 in 5 horses have asthma, yet horse owners and veterinarians alike struggle to keep up with symptoms and medication. That’s why we’ve created Stableize: an all-inclusive platform dedicated to making asthma management easier and more effective for horse owners everywhere.

Stableize provides a holistic overview of each horse’s health. This app offers symptom tracking, medication reminders, weather monitoring and more all in one, easy-to-access location. From instructional videos that show horse owners the basics of administering meds to emergency plans that provide clear direction in times of crisis, Stableize has it all.

Stableize seeks not to change horse owner’s habits but, rather, to redesign equine asthma management and provide proper care techniques for horse owners struggling to manage their horse’s asthma. The goal of this app is to help horse owners worldwide stabilize their horse’s health.