Slack API

April 27, 2022

Life is on a constant move to the digital world, especially as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. While some people have embraced the technological shift, others have held onto their traditional ways. For example, while some classrooms have moved digitally for attendance tracking, others professors are still calling roll. Learning and integrating new attendance methods can be a barrier for classroom use. Slack is one platform used to help promote digital communication and MarkMe, an attendance modal within Slack, is a free alternative that’s as simple as a click of a button.

The application is easy to use once downloaded from the Slack app store. The admin signs in on Slack, opens the MarkMe app, and selects “send attendance.” A message then pops up asking the time period student/user submissions will be allowed. Once chosen, attendance is sent to all users in the workspace and users can click the “Present” button to mark themselves. After the allotted time, attendance submissions are closed, and the data is sent to the admin in the MarkMe homepage. In addition, on the user side, the MarkMe bot alerts when attendance is open and unlike other messages, it won’t be lost in the channel thread. It’s simple, free and effective for both parties!

This program will help the target audience by eliminating the extra steps of attendance. In research conducted, University of Georgia journalism professors stated that there was a learning curve when students are first introduced to Slack. However, there is an incentive to download and learn it when one’s attendance grade is dependent on it. MarkMe gets rid of the extra and unnecessary work for both parties. So, make life a little simpler and download MarkMe today, because taking attendance has never been easier.