School Is In For Summer

April 1, 2020

This summer, we’re breaking records with more classes and students than ever before!

In the last few years, we’ve steadily expanded our summer offerings so the trek to becoming technowledgable never has to stop. It all started with the first online section of New Media Production where students mastered the art of web dev from living room couches around the world. Shortly after, Intro to New Media got an online makeover with website and all, bringing our largest NMIX course to the interweb. Last summer, students put their creative muscles to the test as they took a digital dive into the wild and aesthetically pleasing world of New Media Design. And EM took a big step online with Emerging Media Capstone as students rounded out their graduate journey testing, iterating, and presenting their Emerging Media Solutions.

This year, the NMI is nearly doubling 🤯 its summer offerings! In addition to our already-stellar summer lineup, we’re proud to unveil 3 new additions — Emerging Media Design & Aesthetics, Emerging Media Project Management & Innovation, and Emerging Media User Experience Strategy. A whopping 300 undergrad and grad students are enrolled for our biggest summer adventure yet, and we’ll be ready with laptops in hand and toes in sand.