Roadie is an on demand, on the way, faster, cheaper, delivery network spurred by the emergence of the sharing economy. The sharing economy is the peer to peer marketplace that’s based in shared access to goods and services. Our team has been tasked with supporting Roadie by enhancing their reviews and ratings system and developing the trust and safety framework for their website.

At the beginning of this project I focused on the general research of what the sharing economy was an how trust and safety differed from traditional businesses. Once we delved deeper into the sharing economy we decided to research industry leaders more thoroughly. I researched Uber, analyzed their strengths and weakness, and presented my research to our company sponsor.

For the last part of our project we created a recommended approach and the corresponding deliverables. I worked on creating improvements and additions to the rating, reviews, and profiles within the app. Together with our team’s graphic designer, we decided what features, designs, and interfaces could help increase customer trust. Through this process we had a lot of meetings with our sponsor and went through several iterations until we arrived at a final solution.