May 3, 2022

Revive is an iOS app that connects students, visitors, staff, and faculty to defibrillators on the campus of the University of Georgia.

Cardiac arrest, heart failure and heart irregularities are one of the most common health issues in the world. People of all ages, backgrounds and health conditions can have heart conditions and issues that can require action in a second. If someone experiences cardiac arrest, their chance of survival increases immensely if a defibrillator is used on them, and the faster that defibrillator gets to them, the better their chances of survival. The problem with using defibrillators is that time is of the essence, and in these stressful situations it can be hard to locate and navigate to the nearest defibrillator quickly. Enter: Revive.

Revive is an iOS app that provides users with the location of and directions to defibrillators on the UGA campus. It helps users navigate to the nearest defibrillator and back to your initial location if needed. It provides helpful instructions for defibrillator use during emergency and non-emergency situations. By helping users get to defibrillators quickly and providing helpful instructions for the next steps, Revive will help minimize the amount of deaths due to heart related emergencies, and help UGA faculty, staff, students, & visitors feel more at ease knowing that they have a tool that will help them and others in case of an emergency.

Revive is an app that functions on mobile iOS. We encourage Apple watch users to take advantage of the heart rate notifications and features which can help them know if they are having an irregular heart rate, so they can then utilize Revive. Revive will provide directions to the nearest defibrillator, helpful instructions for defibrillator use, and can notify the user’s emergency contacts. Revive connects dawgs to defibrillators. When time is of the essence, Revive will get you there faster.