Realistic Powered by Shaw

December 11, 2021

Realistic is an application that creates a virtual experience of sensing flooring samples through haptic technology. Haptics is an emerging technology which uses vibrations to allow mobile device users to gain a sense of touch of an object or surface. Shaw Inc. had a primary need of providing flooring samples to clients virtually. Through partnership, Realistic has been developed. This is one of the first applications of it’s type regarding the new technology of haptic touch.

Realistic’s primary purpose serves as a first step in the flooring sample process. People who are looking to replace, add, or renovate residential flooring can use Realistic to reduce the amount of physical samples purchased. Flooring samples can be expensive, take up lots of room, and are practically useless once a final selection has been made. Shaw Inc. was aware of this issue and noticed that a solution needed to happen. While augmented reality is great for viewing a floor in a space, texture is just as important.

Realistic contains Shaw Inc.’s four flooring categories: carpet, vinyl, tile, and resilient. The simulation page of each floor type includes a ball that rolls around the sample initiating the vibrations. The ball rolls using the iPhone’s multi-axis gyroscope. Depending on the sample, each vibration varies in sharpness and speed to accurately depict the texture of the floor.