Rank My Votes

Have you ever wondered if the people writing a review site really know what they’re talking about? Sure, they may be paid professionals who are brought into local cities and towns to give their honest opinions, but they’ve never lived in the area. They’ve never gotten the chance to really know the lay of the land, or to be able to tell the difference between a tourist trap and a local’s watering hole. When you think about it this way, what gives these people any more expertise on a particular city than any average Joe who is just passing through the area?

Enter Rank My Votes.

Rank My Votes is a platform for tourists to hear residents’ voices and discover the best things about Athens, Georgia. The site lets locals of the Classic City vote and rank their favorite experiences that inform tourists of the best niche things in town — something those big agencies like Trip Advisor and Yelp gloss over. We address the problem of not being able to receive reliable reviews by going straight to the source and hearing from the local people.