OTR Solutions provides factoring services – financial agreements with truckers to manage invoices to stimulate cash flow and expand operations. OTR stands for On the road. We are all on the move: whether you’re an independent trucker delivering loads across the country or a sales representative reaching new clients everyday. No matter the industry, today’s consumer wants service to meet that busy pace. The solution? OTR’s AI Assistant.

Meet Otto, our OTR’s AI Assistant. Otto is a chatbot empowered by AI to serve potential new clients from OTR’s website and answer basic questions about factoring services. Day or night, rain or shine, Otto is there to answer questions 24/7. He turns website visitors into actionable leads faster, connecting potential customers with sales associates to finish the deal and provide factoring services.

Otto is easing the process for OTR by allowing Otto to make the initial sales acquisition and get the process started, along with answering other questions in a live, timely manner. Otto uses data from customer interactions to further conversations and ultimately lead to a successful new client acquisition. By implementing Otto, advanced technology is being used to forward customer inquiries and maximize client potential for OTR.