Olivia Carino

Olivia graduated in December 2018 with a degree in Communication Studies and a Minor in Sociology. In July 2019, she discovered her passion for Web Development while enrolled in the NMI’s Emerging Media Masters program. After graduating with her Emerging Media Masters in May 2021, Olivia is currently expanding her desire to learn new technology by pursuing a Master in Computer Science. She has strong roots at UGA and the NMI, where she previously served as a Teaching Assistant for the NMI Web Development course, was a hackathon Organizer for UGAHacks 7, and spent time at UGA’s Small Satellite Research Lab as a Software Engineer. Now Olivia is proud to be an Adjunct Instructor for the NMI’s Advanced Web Development class. When she is not working, she enjoys modding retro handheld gaming consoles, playing (never enough) video games, going to the gym, or spending time with friends.