NMIXpert: Sydney Barrilleaux

Xpertise: Web Dev

Xpert Hours: T 8 – 10A, R 8 – 10A

Sydney, seb87365@uga.edu, is a fourth-year Psychology major who is also working towards an English minor and the New Media Certificate. She has been part of the NMI since Fall 2023 due to her advisor’s recommendation and her own interests in digital storytelling. Ever since then, she’s been having the time of her life!

Her primary area of expertise is web development, specifically HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and WordPress. She also uses Clip Studio Paint for art and is experimenting with comics and animation. Outside of the NMI, Sydney has a deep obsession with Pokémon and musicals (and yet, she hasn’t listened to the Pokemon musical yet). If you show her cute pictures of your pets, she’s legally required to show you photos of her cat.