NMIXpert: Sona Makkanal

Xpertise: Web Dev

Xpert Hours: M 5 – 6:30P, F 3 – 5P

Sona, sm40635@uga.edu, has been an active member of the NMI since 2022, joining during the summer semester before her third year. Currently in her fourth year, Sona is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science while also pursuing the New Media Certificate. She also serves as a Lead Peer Tutor for the Division of Academic Enhancement, a campus organization she is actively involved in.

Sona is happy to assist mainly in the frontend side of coding, particularly with HTML and CSS. She has experience in working with frameworks like React, Bootstrap, and SwiftUI. Drawing from her experience in a Software Engineering course, she has engaged in full-stack projects, gaining valuable insights into the holistic approach to coding projects and teamwork dynamics. Sona is well-versed in tools such as Visual Studio Code, Git, Terminal, and Figma.

Outside of school, Sona embraces an active lifestyle and nurtures her passion for travel and finding new recipes to try out!