NMIXpert: Amanda Qubty

Xpertise: Design/Web Dev

Xpert Hours: W 11A – 12P, SUN 7 – 8P

Amanda, amandaq@uga.edu, is in the first year of the Emerging Media Masters program. She graduated from UGA in 2012 with a BFA in Art Education but instead of teaching, went straight into the graphic design world. Amanda has worked in several industries within the design field — apparel, publishing, magazine layout, athletics, non-profit, higher education, logo and brand identities, experiential. She currently leads a team of graphic designers and freelance artists in her full-time role as Associate Creative Director within a division at UGA. In this role, it’s given her the opportunity to use a bit of that undergrad degree by leading designers, advocating for creative and the importance of creatives in conversations with leadership, mentoring teammates and building their confidence in the skillsets they excel in.

Expertise: Design, graphic design, creative consulting and critiques, branding, publishing, color theory, typography, Adobe CC, HTML, CSS, WordPress.

Aside from video editing, if it’s an Adobe question, Amanda’s probably got you cover. Ask her anything about Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and XD. She can generally point you in the right direction with WordPress since she’s used it on and off through her career. If you’ve got general design questions or whether your work is up to snuff for the real world, hit her up.

“I did everything right, but my code is still broken!” – she can prob help with those situations, too, but don’t ask her a deep dive question about JavaScript because she will cry.

Fun human stuff: Amanda is generally a pretty fun human with a high percentage of silly in the serious-to-silly ratio. Like, 20-80. Seriously — she built an entire website in Web Dev about pizza in the news, and made up stories about the ham superhero fighting the pepperoni man to be dubbed best meat topping. She usually types in lowercase, unless it’s important, so a friend dubbed her “lowercase amanda” one time. She likes live music, art, design, meeting new creatures, french fries, the environment, travel and spontaneous adventures, hiking, reading, hiding tiny objects around town, wedge salads, people watching, and spooky things. She has two dogs, and they are cute as heck.