Nicolas Bray smiling at the camera

NMIXpert: Nicolas Bray

Xpertise: Web Development

Xpert Hours: T 9a-10a, W 4:30p-6p, R 5:30p-7p

Nicolas began studying as a CompSci major at UGA in 2018 before switching over to Entertainment and Media Studies.  Along the way, Nicolas found the NMI, which has acted as a bridge between some of the technical aspects of Computer Science and Entertainment Media concepts such as storytelling through digital media.  He took NMIX 2020 in Fall of 2019 and followed that course up with 4010, 4020, and 4030, and is currently a fifth-year UGA student enrolled in both the NMI Xpert program and the capstone course.

Nicolas is passionate about front-end design and currently works as a UX/UI designer primarily interacting with Content Management Systems like LumApps and WordPress.  Nicolas is particularly interested in all things HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, especially Bootstrap, JQuery, and React. When he’s not working at his computer, you can likely find Nicolas outside with his telescope and camera acting as a backyard astrophotographer!