April 27, 2022

Super strength, flowing capes and wild adventures — these are just a few of things that come to mind when one envisions a superhero. But this spring, a new component will be added to this long list of superhero accessories: non-fungible tokens, better known as NFTs. Brought to you by the New Media Institute and UGAHEROs, NFTHEROs will make its debut this April to the UGA and Athens community. And what is NFTHEROs you ask? A NMI and UGAHEROs collaboration that aims to give back to the community and also explore the niche, complex world of NFTs. This project consists of an original NFT collection published by NMI capstone students, displaying sketches created from children associated with UGAHEROs. These drawings will showcase each child’s depiction of a hero. Whether it’s a sketch of the artist him/herself sporting a colorful, magnificent cape, or an entirely new character created from the child’s own imagination, these drawings are an opportunity for kids to express their creativity. And best of all, all proceeds from NFTHEROs’ collection will go toward UGAHEROs and its charitable efforts.

UGAHEROs is a student-led organization at the University of Georgia that works to improve the quality of life for children affected by HIV/AIDS. While modern medicine allows these kids to live long lives, UGAHEROs works to ensure these lives are not only long, but also happy, healthy, and successful. With over 2,0000 student members, UGAHEROs makes a huge impact throughout campus and beyond through its successful fundraising efforts and community relationships. On April 14th, HEROs will host its annual spring event, Send a Kid to Camp Day. This day will also mark the launch of the NFTHEROs collection, where proceeds from the collection’s items will go toward UGAHERO’s fundraising efforts.

While NFTHEROs will function as a fundraising tool for UGAHEROs, it will also serve those who are interested in the world of NFTs. This emerging media sparked quite a discussion on social media throughout recent months, so it is no surprise that users are interested in learning more. Hence why NFTHEROs is providing an easy and fun way to learn more about this new form of media while also providing users with an opportunity to connect with the UGA community and serve the greater good. For users interested in owning their first ever NFT, NFTHEROs will give them just what they need — a simple, affordable NFT that can help them get the ball rolling with their collection. And along with this ownership, users will also experience the happiness of knowing they helped contribute to UGAHEROs and its incredible mission to help our next generation.