December 11, 2019

Create your canvas. Paint your masterpiece. Share your creation with others. With mARkit, find a wall and claim it as your canvas. Your phone isn’t just some screen for you to draw on; it is your spray paint can. Shake it up and spray your paint across your new canvas. The closer, or farther, you are, it’ll change the distribution of paint across the surface. When you’re done, take a look through your phone’s screen and see what you’ve created. Now that you’ve got a tag, share it on social media. So go ahead, let loose a little and release your inner creative rebel. It’s like real graffiti, but legal!

The app store is awash with AR art apps that all feel the same. You’re drawing on the screen, you’re tracing lines in empty space. You take a screenshot of the loop-de-loops and flowers you drew and call it a day. There’s also been a recent movement in the tech world to combine traditional art with AR experiences, but these essentially boil down to “point camera at photo or painting, animated video or gif-like-thing plays in the space where the photo/painting is.”

Our app strives to give the power into the hands of anyone to create artwork worthy of the most rebellious street artists. You don’t need software to program fancy graphics or to use actual real-world visuals to overlay art. Create your own canvas. Paint your masterpiece. Share it with others. mARkit! is an AR art app for people tired of drawing on their screens and fed up with drawing loops in space through a myriad of art “experiences.” Here, we’re putting the original tools back in your hands.

It’s simple to get started. Download the app from the app store and follow the onscreen prompts to define your canvas. From there, we want the actual painting to rely on the phone screen as little as possible. Instead, select a color, point your camera like it’s the nozzle, and press a finger anywhere on your screen as if you’re holding down the cap. The closer you are to the wall, the finer the spray will be; while the further away you are, the wider and wilder the spray will be. If you need to see how it’s turning out, look through your phone’s screen at the wall whenever you want, and then go right back to painting with sweeping arcs and careful lines. When you’re done, save your creation as a picture and share it for the world to see!