Major Matcher Making Moves

Each New Media Capstone project applies innovative tech, design, and development to solve a real-world problem. After the semester wraps up, some of these solutions get a chance to shine and tackle that problem IRL.

That was the case with Major Matcher, an interactive quiz designed to help students “find their fit” at UGA. The quiz links interests and career goals with UGA’s extensive list of 182 majors and even provides recommendations for related campus organizations. After completion in Fall 2019, Major Matcher is now being put to good use by UGA’s Exploratory Center as a student resource throughout the Explore Info Session series. We always love to see Capstone projects making a difference in the world, but knowing that this quiz will help undecided dawgs here on campus is a particularly sweet success story. And who knows — maybe the quiz will even help some tech-seeking students discover the NMI!