May 5, 2023

Our team recognized a significant challenge faced by artists and venues in our local community: the difficulty of discovering new artists/venues and breaking into a small, established niche market. It is difficult for artists to establish themselves without having previous gigs or an established network. Similarly, it is difficult for venues to find new artists and bands that have not played in that town or have a similar fanbase to those who have already played at the venue. As a result, the same bands are repeatedly booked at the same venues over and over, making it difficult for new artists to establish themselves and for current artists to expand their fanbase. There is currently a hole in the market for smaller-scale artist booking and talent buying. We developed InTune to serve as an intermediary platform for artists, venues, and independent buyers. Through this website, artists have the ability to create their own profile that showcases their talents so venues can get an idea of who they are and if they are a band that they would be interested in booking.