Hunter-Holmes AR

April 27, 2019

58 short years ago, 2 brave individuals named Charlayne Hunter-Gault and Hamilton Holmes took the University of Georgia head on, changing history as we know it. Charlayne and Hamilton faced discrimination from students, faculty, and even government officials. And while at the time their contributions went unnoticed, today we spotlight their accomplishments

Presenting the Hunter Holmes Augmented Reality Experience:

This app will app as a media source for a time in UGA’S history that is often unrecognized. Our app will use augmented reality in correlation to significant campus landmarks to display past footage and audio from 1961.

We are recognizing the achievements of those who transformed our campus for the better while educating the public about a topic so few are aware of. This is an app that could be used by professors within a learning environment, alumni returning to campus, interested tourist, or anyone who appreciates the topic.