Do you live for a thrill? Do you like being scared? Do you enjoy that feeling when your adrenaline starts pumping? Is horror something you enjoy? If you responded positively to any of those questions, then Holoween is the perfect experience for you.

The Microsoft Hololens is a mixed reality headset that allows users to interact visually with their native environment and Holoween takes full advantage of that. Using the Microsoft hololens, users can transform their personal environment into a haunted experience. Yes, you heard right.

Holoween is a narrative based experience that guides users throughout a dark yet intriguing story. Let’s set the scene. It’s Halloween night, and the portal between the living and the dead are weakened, allowing spirits to interact with those on earth. In version 1.0 of Holoween, users hear an unfortunate story from the spirit of Elise Berturn, a young girl who is trying to figure out how she died. As the five chapter experience unfolds, users must collect mementos that will help set her free. Each chapter contains a different object that the user must get before they can move on to the next scene. As the user glides through the different chapters, another important clue in the cliff-hanging narration is revealed.

Did you think that was all? Don’t be fooled, this isn’t a game of clue. It’s a haunted experience. That means as you make your way through each chapter of the experience, there will be evil spirits that appear, trying to derail your progress and keep Elise in the middle ground. Like a true haunted house, you never know when they’re coming or where to expect them. They could be anywhere, at any time.

So do you think you can do it? Are you willing to face the evil spirits in front of you to help set Elise free? She’s counting on you. If you dare, pick up a Microsoft Hololens and give Holoween a try.