October 31, 2013

The Grady College mobile application is the first of its kind for any journalism school in the country, encompassing both the history and the stories of both students and alumni. The team designed the mobile application to raise the profile of the college and showcase the work both students and alumni accomplished. The application features content that not only highlights students and alumni, but showcases Peabody Award winners, takes users on a journey through the history of Grady College and immediately connects users to Grady College regardless of where they are. GoGrady gives students and alumni the opportunity to experience Grady College with the touch of a finger and give back to the college that brought them to where they are today.

GoGrady brings Grady College to the forefront. Mobile phones and applications aren’t new, but a mobile application for a journalism school hasn’t been done before. GoGrady puts the Grady College in a unique position, creating the first interactive, mobile application for a journalism school in the country. GoGrady will serve as a clean and inviting interface that bridges Grady alumni and students, bringing them closer together. By giving students and alumni the opportunity to connect digitally, it opens the door for innovation and inspiration among people who may not have otherwise connected.

GoGrady was designed, programmed and created through the work of UGA students Andrea Morris, Jamie Gottlieb, Michael Crosby and Will Looney. Each of the team members feels incredibly excited to be part of shaping the history of Grady College, creating the mobile application and helping everyone GoGrady!