Glory Glory Go Dawgs

May 5, 2023

In the modern climate of college athletics, recruiting is everything. Every team is competing to attract dozens of student athletes. The most competitive programs across the country compete to attract student athletes to their school. Usually a competitive market leads to high effeciency from each competitor trying to get a leg up on the other (I am having flashbacks to my Terry classes just writing that.) However, this is not the case in college sports.

Coaches and their staff spend hours upon hours vying for recruit attention. But they are all doing so in the same ways. Sending mail, reaching out via phone calls and texts, planning and hosting campus visits, visiting the recruits in person, all schools are doing basically the same things. This means that the only way to stand out is to do more of this stuff than other schools. This means that recruits are overwhelmed by floods of texts, calls mail etc while staffs are being overworked. Ultimately its not good for anyone.

The University of Georgia Gymnastics program is no different. Coaches and staffs spend a ton of time recruiting agaisnt the likes of Auburn, Bama and Florida locked in an arms race of the same old tactics. The recruits suffer from information fatigue while coaches and staffs suffer from the fatigue of being overworked.

This idea originally came to me when I was first learning web development. I was starting to realize that developing a website was not as intimidating as I originally thought. I was also realizing that a website can do a lot of different things. Websites can host a ton of different types of media. Websites can be interactive. Websites can do a lot of things that traditional college athletics recruiting mediums can’t.

So thats the idea, use a website to fix the problems facing collegiate athletics. Put the pertinent info (that before was spread out) into one place. Simplify the whole process for recruits, their families, coaches and staffs.