Georgia Grasslands Initiative

Once Georgia was filled with beautiful and flourishing grasslands. They provided homes and habitats for so many different species that depended on them for survival. Now, due to invasive species and other harmful subjects, the once vast grasslands that had stretched across the entire top half of the state have been diminished to 13 small plots of space scattered throughout Georgia. This reduction directly resulted in less plant, animal, and insect life.

This is where the Georgia Grasslands Initiative (GGI) steps in. GGI is a Georgia based initiative run out of the University of Georgia State Botanical Garden. This initiative stands up for plant life and can guide people in avoiding planting invasive species, and instead, adding native plants to their garden. GGI aims to help educate people on how to help the diminishing grasslands in Georgia and to foster native landscapes. With the help of the NMIX capstone team and the implementation of a new initiative website, GGI now has a bigger microphone.

This site gives GGI all it needs to keep the local community updated on how they can make positive environmental change in their own lives. The website provides educational articles, sustainability activities for all ages, and even a social component allowing for interaction between GGI and the fellow grasslands community. With this new site, GGI will be able to reach a wider audience and make information about this ecological issue more accessible, understandable, and tangible for Georgia citizens.