August 1, 2016

easeEASE is a virtual reality app made to make relaxation enjoyable for those on the go. EASE features fully immersive 360-degree video as well as step-by-step guided meditation to ensure a relaxing experience.

According to the American Psychological Association’s 2014 study, Stress in American: Paying With Our Health, forty-two percent of adults say they are not doing enough or are not sure whether they are doing enough to manage their stress. Also, one in five Americans, 20 percent, says they never engage in an activity to help relieve or manage their stress.

That is why EASE seeks to be the friendly companion for anyone whether it is the motivated millennial or the urban professional. Both are very stressed, hyper-performing individuals. For them, taking time out of the day to meditate seems impossible, like another stress to add to life because they’re too busy getting lost in the thoughts of their present to-do list.

The urban professional has a full plate of work this week. She just got out of an important client meeting and has been up since 5 am after going to bed at 12:34 am. Finally, her lunch break has arrived and after she eats in her office, she decides to close her eyes and meditate, thinking of her favorite getaway. Then she remembers a friend talking about EASE, the meditation app that makes meditating a breeze. She puts on her google cardboard and actually visits her favorite beach while being coaxed into bliss by the wonderful guided option.

The motivated millennial just finished his fifth exam of the week and is awaiting some much-needed de-stress with a less conventional and healthier detox. He decides meditation is his best option and searches “meditation app” in the Apple store. EASE appears. Good thing he has a pair of Google Cardboard. Now his life is changed. He allots time every day, during a class break, to go to a meditation area on campus and use the app.

This is just a glimpse of how people will potentially receive EASE. EASE has Jolin Conine from Bikram Yoga guiding the meditations. With her help, we can expand our reach to the off-campus audience at Bikram Yoga.

With all that said, think about if you feel stress. Of course you do. Time to download the app and feel the EASE.