The Chamber of commerce app will serve to support the goals of the local Chamber of Commerce (Chamber) located in rural communities in their efforts to create an environment where local businesses can prosper. We believe Cync can bolster this mission through a simple app designed to collect, share, and perpetuate information about community happenings. This technology will be a resource for all residents to explore their community through a practical app that provides updated and relevant information about upcoming events, local community hotspots, local resources, and community involvement opportunities.

By building a platform for information to be quickly accessed by residents and non-residents alike, this technology will ultimately serve the community by solving a common problem -access to information. We believe a platform that perpetuates the flow of information will increase community involvement, awareness of local resources, encourage local participation, and stimulate economic growth. That is where Cync enters the stage. Cync is designed to be a tool managed by the Chamber to promote greater community involvement in an effort to bolster the Chamber’s economic growth and development goals within the community.