December 8, 2023

What’s your ultimate goal in life: a stable job, raising a family, or finding joy in life? Whatever your goal, a firm financial footing can enable you to achieve it, and for over 40 years, Crawford Investment Counsel has been helping people pursue their dreams by providing proprietary independent investment advice.

Through proprietary in-house research, Crawford utilizes a unique investment strategy that focuses on high quality investments that provide steady income and upside growth. This strategy, termed “Perpetual Accumulation” by Crawford, protects Crawford clients from downturns in the market and achieve successful outcomes. Crawford is proud of their long, independent history and prioritizes their personal approach with each client. Although Crawford has achieved success and longevity as a company, the Crawford team believes that further steps can be taken to expand marketing and communication strategy beyond internal and grassroots initiatives.

Crawford is working with New Media Institute students to ideate new strategies that will spread the word about Crawford and their investment services. The main goal is to use marketing and communication strategy, specifically word-of-mouth marketing, to bring in 100 new high net-worth individual investors. The scope of work spreads out over four different categories of deliverables that ultimately all work together to provide easily accessible and user friendly information online, leverage existing data, and continue attracting potential clients. These categories include website redesign, user testing, analysis, and research. Based on user reach strategies and testing, a website redesign was created on Figma to create a more user friendly experience on the website. The main goal for the user is to easily navigate Crawford’s website to find information about investments in general and learn more about the firm. Analysis of data from HubSpot analytics and geo-mapping reveals potential opportunities to attract clients. Based on the data analysis and research, a best practices list and ALMNAC framework outline strategies moving forward to continue pushing Crawford’s story. The four main deliverables work together to reach Crawford’s main goal of bringing in new clients by providing information about Crawford to clients and ideating strategies to bring in more clients.