Code for Athens

Code for America is a non-profit organization that helps to connect people in communities with their local governments. They help break down barriers in America’s systems, such as the criminal legal system, by using the practices of the digital age to improve how the government serves the public. For example, Code for America’s “Clear My Record” team has worked with people to clear their records so they are able to advance in society.

Our project is to form a new brigade, Code for Athens, by creating an easy-to-use website, form a social media presence, and make a virtual event so people can get involved! The goal is to help establish Code for Athens and tackle the community’s problems with technology. We are working with our client, John Weatherford of the New Media Institute to accomplish this. John has helped guide us in the journey to form a beautiful logo, website, and given loads of advice.

People of Athens will be able to volunteer to be a part of Code for Athens in just a few clicks. They will know all of the upcoming events, how to donate, and more ways to become involved. Together, we will help make the city of Athens a better place.