Walking into a job fair, nervous and intimidated by all of the big Fortune 500 companies that await fresh resumes, a young attendee gazes upon a large room with little signage to help navigate where to go and what to see next. How is one expected to make it to every event outlined in a two-fold paper and no sense of direction? In a world of large conference and convention spaces, there’s a need to circulate back on their purpose: connection.

By using a unique form of progressive enhancement to better the experience of convention and conference culture and improving upon existing apps held by these gatherings, U1 chip technology is implemented to aid in navigation and connectivity. Utilizing the greater, more precise navigation tool, users can view each booth, schedule of panels, nearest events and friends all at their fingertips. Each by panel room and/or vendor stall within the conference hall is marked with an air tag, sealing its specific location on the application. This way, attendees can see both the exact direction and distance to their desired location. Through a schedule feature that outlines upcoming events, descriptors, and speakers, attendees will be informed on every part of the conference regardless of the distance in the building.

Additionally, by adding an integrative social aspect to the application, full connectivity is brought to life as attendees are able to build their network and connect with friends. When by another person with the same software, a badge or marking on the app will appear. This will foster greater meetups and encourage more social interactions. Whether it’s to meet a friend at a specific booth, or find a speaker of a panel you loved, you can find them and engage with them over the live news feed. Circulate offers a streamlined experience for your conference and convention needs, user-friendly for all attendees and event throwers!