Welcome to the New Media Institute, where students aim to make things work, then make them work better. Within the Institute, Certificate students pursue Capstone, a dynamic semester-long course designed to tackle real-world client challenges using new media technologies. This is where they truly make innovation that lasts.

It may be difficult to believe with all of their dynamic emerging technology, but the class website, which serves as the fundamental hub for deadlines and expectations, has remained the same for nearly a decade. While the old workbook was impressive for its time, the Capstone Experts recognized the need to take it into the lab and revolutionize it for the modern era.

Upon gathering these insights through interviews and surveys, they aim to revamp the entire website with a full site editing theme that just came out of beta this year. They expect their changes to increase satisfaction among all categories significantly. Furthermore, their excitement echoes not only within the Capstone program but will also resonate across six other New Media classes, whose digital workbooks will soon adapt to the specialized frameworks they’ve created. Their mission has been to lay a foundation for the next decade and create a workbook that’s not just easy to use but supports their tech-savvy, innovation-driven future. As Capstone Experts, they are committed to doing what the New Media Capstone Program does best, and that is to raise the bar.