Camp NMI

Built by NMI students, for NMI students- Camp NMI is the new and improved NMIX 4110 workbook. NMIX 4110, New Media Production, is a required class for the New Media certificate that teaches the foundation of web development and design. Students learn by reading through the workbook lessons and then immediately applying their gained knowledge to assignments. A majority of these assignments come from FreeCodeCamp, a non-profit organization that aims to make learning web development accessible to all- for free.

Before Camp NMI, students would have to jump from tab to tab on their computer as they referenced the lessons while completing assignments (while most likely doing some Googling in between). Now, the updated website integrates the original written lessons with the FreeCodeCamp assignments, allowing students to read through a lesson and apply what they have learned, without the need to open a new tab.

Camp NMI has some new features as well. The lessons have been enhanced with fun language and gifs, as well as a checklist feature for students to keep track of their progress. In addition, the existing sidebar was removed and replaced with a mouseover slide-out menu to allow for a larger workspace. The website aims overall to be a more user-friendly and engaging workbook experience- so whether you took NMIX 4110 five years ago and need a refresher, are in the class right now, or have never worked with code before in your life- this website is accessible to you. Check it out!