December 10, 2022

BLITZ is the new smart app that brings simplicity, customization, and strong cross-platform functionality. This app allows users to take pictures, use screenshots, written notes, and translate them into editable text. Photo to text is what makes this possible. In the app, the cloud’s cross-platform connection capabilities are used to bring the photos from a phone to a computer and use that feature to make the most optimal flash cards.

Currently, the digital flashcard community is faced with two options. One option is to pay to create flashcards that are bland, not customizable, and too time consuming to use. While the other option is to use the free alternatives with difficult user interfaces, making it undesirable or frustrating to find a flashcard app that works. On top of that, no flashcard app has an easy method of creating flashcards from photos.

The goal for BLITZ is to make it suitable in solving all those problems that other digital flashcard creators don’t provide a solution for, at least without a price. BLITZ is the first application to bring a feasible method of creating study decks to a laptop/desktop screen. The app is free for all and gives its users the option to intuitively create flashcards from photos and notes using photo to text.