Bear Hollow

We have been working to develop a cross platform app for our client, the Bear Hollow Zoo here in Athens, Georgia. They are home to only non-releasable native wildlife; all the animals in the zoo have either physical or mental handicaps which prevent them from ever returning to the wild. The zoo uses the animals to help educate the public about their place and dependence on the natural systems.

We created an app available across both Android and iOS mobile devices. Our goal with this app is to enhance visitors’ experience at the Bear Hollow Zoo by providing information on all of the wildlife at the zoo in an interactive way. The app includes a map of the zoo; when users click on the exhibits they are led to more information on the animals, including outside resources and videos. In addition to the map, visitors can also access the animal info through the profile tab. And just in case users have any questions about the zoo itself, we have included Bear Hollow’s contact information within the app.

The final element of the app is the gaming element, which combines aspects of a quiz and a scavenger hunt. The game encourages users to tour the entire zoo, with answers to quiz questions being found on the informational plaques around the zoo. As users answer questions correctly, another part of a puzzle reveals itself, until the completed picture can be seen. By using all aspects of the app, visitors to the zoo can have a more enhanced experience, while those not at the zoo can still learn about the animals without being there.