Athens Alive

Don’t let its quaint Southern charm fool you, Athens is a not-so-small town that packs a punch. This city has a thirst for the new and bold, a liveliness that lasts throughout the night, and most importantly a heart for community. With endless nooks and crannies to see, an ever-changing menu, and a hotspot for musical talent, no two people experience Athens the same way. While it is up to you to choose how you live it, one thing is for sure- you will see what makes Athens Alive.

Athens Alive is a grassroots effort to attract young professionals to Athens and help them thrive when living there. It is a modern website that allows users to stay up to date with events and explore Athens like never before. It features what the city has to offer through an events calendar, interactive video map, and other useful resources. The site as a whole places emphasis on what makes Athens great: Involvement, Creation, Entertainment, Food, Adventure, and Culture.